Ewa Chaińska


Naturally creative, smart, high-energy person with the ability and need to constantly improve myself and my workshop.

Graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. M.F.A in Printmaking and Graphic Design, 2008, School of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland, B.A in Visual Merchandisig in 2002.

An experienced illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director with several years of practice (2 years in game industry). Worked/working with many different clients such as NYX Gaming Group, iSoftbet, Netent, Big Fish, Legacy Games, 2K Czech, Tamalaki, always desired to learn, using all creative skills to communicate ideas.
Developing HUD and UI elements, environmental art, hidden object art, storyboards, art for cutscenes and character concept art – also many kinds of visualisations, web & logo design.
Design sensibilities inspired by traditional printmaking and a deep love for book illustration, comic books and photography.
Passionate gamer and adventurer.
Currently working as Division Leader in Allin1Soft (IT, Online Gaming, iTechno Gaming group) where Art Direction and Project Management are my duties.
- yet still an Illustrator & 2D Artist available for freelance.

Creativity, curiosity, diligence, communication, effective management and flexibility in dealing with changing priorities and limited resources.
One of my major strengths are communication skills – I believe that it’s essential for success in any field.


Wrocław, Poland